Our Approach

The two key challenges that have faced phage therapies are resistance and narrow spectrum. We are building the first end-to-end digital viral design platform to solve these challenges head on.

Digital platform to engineer viruses with bacteria killing payloads


Our machine learning algorithm decodes phage-host interactions and identifies genomic regions that target phage to disease-causing bacteria.


We make these edits by creating fully synthetic phage genomes using cutting-edge genome engineering techniques.


Our platform runs a high-throughput characterization of large collections of engineered phages and clinically-relevant bacterial strains.


With every turn of this cycle, we refine our phage and our understanding of how to build phages for maximally effective therapies.

Focused on
treatment outcomes

Our phages can contribute to one of two outcomes: the bacteria is killed, or evolutionary pressure forces the bacteria to lose the factors making it resistant. Both outcomes result in treatment benefits for the patient.

Built on
groundbreaking research

Our platform is built on the groundbreaking research of Felix Biotechnology co-founders Dr. Paul Turner at Yale University and Adam Arkin of UC Berkeley, and through collaborations with Stanford and UCSF.

Felix Platform in Action

Our platform harnesses the power of phages to help patients who have run out of options.


Lung infections are extremely common in people with cystic fibrosis (CF). The thick mucus characteristic of the CF lung provides nutrients and protection to invading bacteria, making them extremely difficult to eradicate with standard antibitotics.

Traditional Solution

Long courses of inhaled antibiotics. Even when antibiotics are able to control the bacterial infection, sustained use can cause devastating side effects and promotes the development of antibiotic resistance, making infections even more deadly.

Evolved Solution

Instead of inhaling small molecule antibiotics, patients inhale phage that are specifically designed to target the disease-causing bacteria. The phage then either kills the bacteria or forces the bacteria to become less deadly through the loss of a mechanism of drug resistance or virulence.

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We are developing the world's first end-to-end digital phage design platform, capable of targeting a huge variety of bacteria. Reach out to harness our platform for your purpose.

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